Newsletter 170

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Writing Worth Reading

[2]America’s Least-Hated Banker

Roger Lowenstein | NYT Magazine | 1 December 2010
  Profile of Jamie Dimon, boss of J.P. Morgan Chase. Nicely done, if somewhat
  flattering. Allows Dimon to argue, even now, with little pushback, that big
  banks are good, bigger banks are better, Chase best of all

[3]Gawker Moves Beyond The Blog

Nick Denton | Lifehacker | 30 November 2010
  Top blog publisher explains change in content model. Remixing other people's
  content only gets you so far. It's scoops that get big traffic, especially
  via Facebook referrals. New model: more scoops, more video

[4]Ireland’s Reparations Burden

Barry Eichengreen | Irish Economy | 1 December 2010
  Latest  rescue package a disaster. Does nothing to reduce public debt.
  Implies years of reparations to bondholders. Not politically sustainable.
  Bank creditors have to take the hit. Why can't Germany see this?

[5]Real Hunters Don’t Shoot Pets

Ted Williams | Audubon | 30 November 2010
  "Canned hunts" gain in popularity. Animals kept in enclosures. You go in and
  shoot them. If that's a problem, they can be drugged as well. "Great for
  folks on tight schedules, or who lack outdoor skills"

[6]National Security State Cops A Feel

Tom Engelhardt | Mother Jones | 30 November 2010
  Another tirade against airport security, but a well-argued one. If Americans
  want to be safer, they should get out of Afghanistan. Adding more layers of
  domestic security isn't protection, it's oppression

[7]Is Batman A State Actor?

Anonymous | Law And The Multiverse | 30 November 2010
  A (fairly) serious legal question. If he's acting independently, evidence he
  obtains by breaking into villains' headquarters is admissible in court. If
  he's an associate of Commissioner Gordon, it's not

[8]Six Startup Ideas Every Nerd Has

Elad Gil | Elad Blog | 30 November 2010
  "Lets start by adding a better search interface on top of Craig's List, then
  make it more social, then drain all their inventory on to our own site."
  Post is great. Comments are, cumulatively, even better

[9]Where Good Ideas Come From

Cosma Shalizi | Bactra Review | 21 December 2010
  Physicist  reviews  Steven  Johnson's  book  on innovation. Intricate,
  thought-provoking piece. Starts with a question that's obvious once it's
  been asked: how do we decide whether an idea is "good" or not?

[10]Books After Amazon

Onnesha Roychoudhuri | Boston Review | 1 December 2010
  Big, bad Amazon uses dominance of book-selling industry to bully publishers,
  get deeper and deeper discounts. Publishers are getting hollowed out. But if
  they don't play along, their books don't get listed
  Topic: Ireland's Debt Crisis
  Painful death of a Celtic Tiger. Barry Eichengreen, Martin Wolf and others
  on what went wrong, and...... [11]Continue reading...

[12]Today on FiveBooks: Tariq Modood on Multiculturalism

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