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Writing Worth Reading

[2]Russia Below The Surface

C.J. Chivers | NYT | 1 December 2010

At last, an unflinching account of corruption in Russia. Drawn from
  Wikileaks cables, in which diplomats say privately what no reputable source
  would say publicly. The crooks are the government. And vice-versa

[3]The Coldest Place On Earth

Adam Mynott | BBC News | 1 December 2010

Report from Yakutsk, in Siberia, where winter temperatures can drop to -60C.
  To bury a body, you light a fire on the ground, thaw through a foot or two
  of earth, dig it out, repeat until you have a grave


Paul Graham | Paul Graham | 2 December 2010

"The fact that you can change font sizes easily means the iPad effectively
  replaces reading glasses. I wouldn't be surprised if, by playing some tricks
  with the accelerometer, you could replace the bathroom scales"

Letter From Dublin

Kevin O'Rourke | Eurointelligence | 2 December 2010

Excellent, suitably outraged judgement on the IMF/EU Irish rescue package.
  It puts Ireland on course for a sovereign default in two or three years
  time, in preference to a banking-sector default now

[6]Larkin's Letters To Monica

Alan Jenkins | TLS | 1 December 2010

Gorgeous review of Philip Larkin's collected letters to his long-time
  mistress, Monica Jones. Permeated by Larkin's sad, lyrical, grumbling
  character. Why didn't he marry her? The poems give the answer

Missing The Point Of WikiLeaks

Will Wilkinson | Economist | 1 December 2010

With or without Julian Assange, future large leaks are inevitable. The
  technology is out there. That's good, if we want to "challenge the
  institutions that control our fate, by bringing their secrets to light"

The New Gawker Media

Felix Salmon | Reuters | 1 December 2010

Enough Gawker, already! But if your ears prick up at the words "Nick
  Denton", then Christmas has come early. A Felix masterpiece, combining
  history, financial analysis, and, somewhere deep down, a love song

[9]Rise Of Computational Forensics

Sargur Srihari | IEEE Spectrum | 1 December 2010

Identifying criminals from fingerprints, shoe prints, handwriting,
  speech-patterns etc. is still largely a matter of expert opinion. Large
  data-sets, high-powered computing can make process more objective

Russia’s Reckoning with Katyń

Timothy Snyder | NYR Blog | 1 December 2010

Russia deserves praise for acknowledging Katyń as Soviet crime, mass-murder
  of Polish elite. But note, Russia is offering the admission as a foreign
  policy gambit. Wants Poland, now it's in the EU, as an ally

[11]Why Big Cities Work

Mario Polese | City Journal | 1 December 2010

Futurologists said high-speed telecoms would enable companies, workers, to
  disperse. Hasn't happened. Economic activity still concentrates in big
  cities, seeking face-time, buzz, industry clusters

[12]Go! Fight! Win!

David Gewanter | Times Higher Education | 2 December 2010

British academic journal marvels at scale, wealth, professionalism of
  American college sport. University of Michigan seems more like a huge
  football club that happens to have a university attached to it

[13]Deadly Medicine

Donald Bartlett et al | Vanity Fair | 1 December 2010

American drug firms move clinical trials overseas, often to poor and
  developing countries. Cheaper to find subjects there, easier to conceal or
  falsify adverse results, less fuss if guinea pigs die
  Topic: Ireland's Debt Crisis

Painful death of a Celtic Tiger. Barry Eichengreen, Martin Wolf and others
  on what went wrong, and...... [14]Continue reading...

[15]Today on FiveBooks: Dani Rodrik on globalisation

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