Newsletter 19

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[2]Case For Starting Over
Michelle Cottle | New Republic | 4 June 2010
Gores' breakup shows that even the stablest, longest marriages can fail. 60
isn't old any more, and it's easier to split amicably when you don't have to
worry so much about kids or work
[3]Go For The Jugular
Sebastian Mallaby | Atlantic | 4 June 2010
Tense, theatrical retelling of George Soros's coup against sterling in 1992.
"Druckenmiller had done the analysis ... Soros was the one who sensed that
this was the moment to go nuclear"
[4]Apple's Lost Founder: Jobs, Woz, Wayne
Bruce Newman | Mercury News | 2 June 2010
Apple's third founding shareholder, Ron Wayne, sold back his 10% for $800,
because he feared the company might go bust. And thereby lost $22bn
[5]If Political Scientists Wrote The News
Christopher Beam | Slate | 4 June 2010
Slate at its best. Classic. How political commentary would read if writers
focused on long-term fundamentals, instead of hyping up day-to-day events
John Heilemann | New York | 4 June 2010
Deepwater Horizon offers Obama double opportunity, if he's bold: enact big
energy/climate bill; create jobs programme for saving Gulf, paid for by BP
[7]Last Typewriter Repair Men
Matthew Shechmeister | Gizmodo | 1 June 2010
Nobody new is going into the business, but the last repair shops are doing
well on a customer base of hipsters, collectors, prison inmates
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