Newsletter 18

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

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[2]Russia's Reset Has Begun
Dmitri Trenin | Moscow Times | 4 June 2010
Friendlier posture towards US and Europe marks real shift in policy. Russia
now much less worried about Nato enlargement, much more worried about its
own economy, and about China
[3]Nigeria's Agony Dwarfs Gulf Oil Spill
John Vidal | Guardian | 30 May 2010
Niger Delta suffers equivalent of Gulf oil spill every year—and nobody
outside the area seems to care, least of all the oil companies. Forest,
famland "covered in a sheen of greasy oil"
[4]Nasty, Brutish And Short
Anonymous | Economist | 27 May 2010
Sparkling review of new social history of Iceland. "The book opens with an
account of a man who rips his own testicles off with a cord after a tantrum
involving allegations of infidelity"
[5]How Historians Work
Keith Thomas | LRB | 3 June 2010
Quirkily captivating account of author's note-taking habits, and those of
scholars for centuries before him, with digressions on marginalia,
taxonomies, clippings. Ne'er a word about the internet
[6]Operation Make The World Hate Us
Leon Wieseltier | New Republic | 2 June 2010
Reflections on the flotilla, given more in sadness than anger.
"Netanyahu-Barak government has found a way to lose the moral high ground,
the all-important war for symbols and meanings, to Hamas"
[7]Defending The Indefensible
Stephen Walt | ForeignPolicy | 2 June 2010
Rhetorical ploys used by governments to justify misconduct. "If we hadn't
done this to them they would undoubtedly have done something even worse to
us. Well, maybe not. But who could take that chance?"
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