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[2]On The Ideology Of The American Press
Jay Rosen | Press Think | 14 June 2010
Press doesn't have a simple left/right bias. It distorts every issue by
methodologically assuming and claiming a neutral middle ground, with
"extremists" on either side
[3]Letter To Tony Hayward
Henry Waxman, Bart Stupak | US Congress| 14 June 2010
House of Representatives Energy Committee chairmen write to BP boss,
alleging five counts of negligence. Warn him to "come prepared" when giving
testimony this week (PDF)
[4]The Pony Rides Again
Christopher Corbett | American Heritage | 14 June 2010
Fascinating myth-debunking history of the Pony Express, colossal business
failure and American epic. Almost everything you think you know about it is
wrong, from the famous job advert to the biggest dangers for riders
[5]Charles, Prince Of Piffle
Christopher Hitchens | Slate | 14 June 2010
Vituperative attack on heir to British throne following latest speech.
Longer on invective than analysis, and marred by reference to "wolfish"
Muslim audience. Enjoyable though
[6]Why US Can't Get BP To Act
Robert Reich | Guernica | 13 June 2010
Short blogpost in which former labour secretary argues Obama should invoke
oil pollution act, put BP's US arm into temporary receivership, as means of
ensuring full resources go into stopping leak, cleaning up
[7]Kingdom Moves Closer To Its End
Charlemagne | Economist | 14 June 2010
Best English-language piece on Belgian election. Victory for Flemish
nationalists, Francophone socialists, suggests Belgium will move from
federation to confederation, then break in two
[8]Gulf Coast's Dr. Doom
Nin-Hai Tseng | Fortune | 9 June 2010
Interview with Matthew Simmons, author of "Twilight in the Desert". Spill is
big oil's "Challenger". BP a month away from Chapter 11. Obama should turn
clean-up over to US military
[9]Why I Sold Zappos
Tony Hsieh | Inc | 1 June 2010
Entrepreneur built up online shoe retailer renowned for wonderful customer
service, sold it reluctantly to Amazon. Explains lucidly why he made the
sale, and why Zappos is still doing well
[10]Ed’s Rules For Interviewing
Edward Champion | Reluctant Habits | 13 June 2010
Radio interviewer gives simple, practical advice. "Maintain eye contact when
you ask those pivotal first few questions. Don’t look down at your question
list during the opening minutes"
[11]After The Flotilla Debacle
David Shulman | NYR Blog | 13 June 2010
"Nature and future of Israel’s society and political system are at stake,
and the danger of collapse into a repressive regime run by the secret
security forces is very great"
[12]Afghanistan's Mineral Resources
Blake Hounsell | Foreign Policy | 14 June 2010
Supposed revelation of Afghanistan's "trillion-dollar" mineral wealth smacks
of US attempt to make new case for occupation. In any case, doubtful whether
reserves can be exploited
[13]Tracking The Intervention
Correspondent's Diary | Economist | 11 June 2010
Superb series of reports from aboriginal community in Australia's Northern
Territory, taken over by federal government three years ago after collapse
into violence, alcoholism
[14]Should This Be The Last Generation?
Peter Singer | NYT | 6 June 2010
Thought experiment. Life is pretty disappointing for most people already. So
why don't we agree to have no children, do what we like with the earth's
resources, party our way to extinction?
[15]Mao’s Secret Famine Exposed
Richard McGregor | FT | 12 June 2010
Yang Jisheng used position as official journalist to research and publish
truth about China's "Great Leap Forward" in 1958-61. Perhaps 40m died in
world's worst man-made famine
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