Newsletter 26

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[2]Russia Rises, Kyrgyzstan Burns
James Kirchik | WSJ | 16 June 2010
Why neighbours won't help Kyrgyzstan. Russia prefers weak government there,
easier to dominate. Central Asian states use rioting as argument that
democracy creates instability
[3]I'm Comic Sans, Asshole
Mike Lacher | McSweeney's | 15 June 2010
Imagined monologue from much-derided typeface. Full of swearing, very
funny—but does require some minimal knowledge of fonts, and the special
place of comic sans
[4]Edward Heath, Monster
Robert Harris | London Times | 13 June 2010
Excellent review of Philip Ziegler's new biography. "Heath’s character was
so chilly, his behaviour so rude, his premiership so disastrous, that even
Ziegler cannot rescue him"
[5]World's First Sex Robots
Susan Karlin | IEEE Spectrum | June 2010
"For $7000-$9000 (based on customization) and $40 monthly for tech support,
Roxxxy offers five preferences—gay, bisexual, lesbian, straight, and
[6]How To Keep Someone With You For Ever
Issendai | Live Journal | 9 June 2010
Bizarre piece of writing, on how to keep a spouse or employee in a state of
exhaustion, dependency. Full of useful insights—if you happen to run a cult,
or have a sadistic streak
[7]Governor Rebuffs Clemency In Murder Case
Adam Liptak | NYT | 14 June 2010
Innocent man convicted of murder 35 years ago, on wife's testimony, while
she was working in sheriff's office with access to evidence. There's a great
book in this news story
[8]Football, Friend Of Capitalism
Terry Eagleton | Guardian | 15 June 2010
Short, tongue-in-cheek, thought-provoking essay on social functions of
football. Offers the working masses distraction, excitement—but also
tradition, artistry, solidarity, engagement
[9]President Obama's Missed Opportunity
William Galston | Brookings | 15 June 2010
Political scientist's assessment of Oval Office oil-spill address.
"Workmanlike but disappointing. Occasion called for larger, more ample
accounting than president chose to offer"
Sean Flynn | GQ | July 2010
BP disaster explained movingly in human terms. Story of explosion re-told
through eyes of men working the rig. Starts slowly, builds strongly, well
worth reading through to the end
[11]A Full Stop To British Colonialism
Simon Winchester | Guardian | 15 June 2010
Reporter recalls events of Bloody Sunday as he witnessed them, reflects on
Saville inquiry. Tragic that inquiry was required, but a proper end to
unlovely, untidy British colonialism in Ireland
[12]All The Dead Are Vampires
Michael Sims | Chronicle Review | 13 June 2010
Fear of undead climbing out of coffins didn't emerge out of thin air. So
what were people actually seeing that they misinterpreted and wove into a
vampire mythology?
[13]What's In The Bottle?
Mike Steinberger | Slate | 14 June 2010
Billionaire collector's lawsuit against Christie's tells of potentially huge
fraud in fake Pétrus and other fine wines, with prices boosted by 100-point
reviews from Robert Parker
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