Newsletter 27

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[2]Ruins Of Modern Greece
Christopher Rhoads | WSJ | 17 June 2010
For 2004 Olympics, Greece overspent and underplanned in rush to build
venues. They were supposed to be of lasting social value. But most of them
are vacant and padlocked
[3]Realism In Afghanistan
Anthony Cordesman | CSIS | 16 June 2010
Disastrously misconceived and mismanaged war. Only decent exit-strategy for
America is to work with existing power structure, try to leave behind
something better than Taliban rule
[4]Velluvial Matrix
Atul Gawande | New Yorker | 16 June 2010
Medical journalist's commencement speech to Stanford School of Medicine.
However advanced the drugs and technology, they're only as good as the
system of care which delivers them
[5]Reducing Pain Of Social Rejection
Mind Hacks | 16 June 2010
Could cheap and common painkiller be useful treatment for depression? New
study suggests so, but paracetamol can't be patented so drug firms unlikely
to pursue trials
[6]Lessons Of Afghan History
William Dalrymple | Daily Mail | 17 June 2010
Sceptical despatch sees parallels between Nato invasion and 19th century
war. Endgame could again be humiliating defeat, with Afghans left in tribal
chaos, ruled by government war was launched to overthrow
[7]Why Minority Report Was Spot On
Charles Arthur | Guardian | 16 June 2010
Spielberg film imagined technology in the year 2054. Eight years on, its
vision looks cautious. Pre-crime systems and gesture-based computing are
already with us
[8]The 15 Minutes That Could Save Five Years
Michael Schrage | Harvard Business Review | 16 June 2010
Sobering thoughts on the end of retirement as we know it. You won't be
retiring at 65. Even if you have a cosseted pension, you're at extraordinary
risk. Start preparing for the future now
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