Newsletter 28

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[2]Norman Macrae, Unacknowledged Giant
Anonymous | Economist | 17 June 2010
Magnificent obituary of eccentric big-thinker at The Economist. Predicted
Japan's rise in 1962, the internet in 1984. Coined “intrapreneurship”,
“telecommuting”, and, maybe, "privatisation"
[3]Fed's No. 2 Says Rules "Didn't Keep Up"
Jon Hilsenrath | WSJ | 18 June 2010
Donald Kohn retirement interview. On Greenspan era: "We were shifting from
bank-oriented to market-oriented intermediation. Supervision and regulation
didn't adapt enough"
[4]Legend Of Black Superman
Rafe Bartholomew | Deadspin | 17 June 2010
Billy Ray Bates, basketball natural, washes up drunk at 26. So he moves to
the Philippines, where it's so much easier to mix professional sports with
alcoholism and epic debauchery
Nate Barksdale | Cardus | 11 June 2010
Beautiful, informative, funny essay on history and practice of film
subtitling. Who knew that Anita Loos made her name subtitling for Douglas
Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith?
[6]Oh, Humanity
Bradford Plumer | New Republic | 16 June 2010
Lessons for climate change, from Gulf oil spill. We're bad at calculating
risk. We're overconfident about technological solutions. Environmental
disaster isn't sure to bring policy change
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