Newsletter 32

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[2]Gamesmanship And Collective Reputation
Rajiv Sethi | 22 June 2010
Behavioural economist asks, and answers, two footballing questions. Why do
players take dives so often and so obviously? And why do national styles of
play persist over generations?
[3]Boris Johnson, Mayor Of London
Paul Goodman | Conservative Home | 24 June 2010
Fine, fizzy profile of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. A brilliant man
pretending to be a bumbler. An artist with a depressive streak. A great
entertainer. But all that won't get him re-elected
[4]Tapping Feet At Hummingbird Speed
Alastair Macaulay | NYT | 22 June 2010
Scathing, funny review of Savion Glover. "Hard to think of a celebrated
dancer performing today who is more tedious, more devoid of stage sense ...
From the ankle up he’s an ungainly bore"
[5]Wimbledon 2010 Live Blog
Xan Brooks | Guardian | 23 June 2010
One for the annals. Ten-hour match goes to 59-59 in the fifth set. "The man
who was once Mahut is now a string-bag of offal. The man who was Isner is a
parched piece of cow-hide"
[6]Germany And The Euro
George Soros | Tagesspiegel | 23 June 2010
German-backed deflationary policies push eurozone into long stagnation.
Germans don't feel it, they're doing fine, but others are desperate. Germany
should push for growth, then reform
[7]Advice For Subjects Of Magazine Profiles
Jack Shafer | Slate | 23 June 2010
Don't say yes. If you must, know what's in it for you, what the outcome will
be. Beware that familiarity breeds candour, so limit your exposure to the
reporter. Above all, never ever drink with your profiler
[8]McChrystal: Gone And Soon Forgotten
Fred Kaplan | Slate | 23 June 2010
Dismissal of erring Afghanistan commander was potentially risky move for
Obama, but replacing him with Petraeus is unassailable politically,
strategically. Maybe time for US ambassador, envoy to go too
[9]Arsenic And An Old Horse
Deborah Blum | Speakeasy Science | 23 June 2010
Sad story of great Australian racehorse of the Depression era, Phar Lap.
Recent research proving he died of poisoning ties up loose ends of shameful
episode and case of epically bad sportsmanship
[10]Benefits Of The Bust
Anatole Kaletsky | WSJ | 19 June 2010
Crisis of 2007-09 has exposed need for revolution in economic thought. Old
models broke down, assumptions of efficient, self-stabilising markets
discredited. What will take their place?
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