Newsletter 33

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[2]I Think You're Fat
A.J. Jacobs | Esquire | 24 June 2010
What would happen if we stopped lying, for fear of hurting others' feelings,
and just told the truth? Virginia-based psychotherapist says do just that.
Magazine reporter gives it a try
[3]Sonallah Ibrahim's Act Of Reckoning
Ursula Lindsey | The National | 24 June 2010
Sympathetic profile of great Egyptian writer, chronicler of his country's
malaise. His latest novel a melancholy, masterful, very adult investigation
of his past
[4]Guilt Trip
John McWhorter | New Republic | 24 June 2010
Studious black pupils mocked by peers for "acting white". Drags down
performance, widens black-white scholastic gap. Originates in 1960s
desegregation, needs to be corrected
[5]Letters Of Pliny The Younger
Michael Dirda | Barnes & Noble Review | 24 June 2010
Charming essay on Roman life in first century AD, including eruption of
Vesuvius. Pliny's letters spiced with tales of haunted houses, Vestal
virgins, "strange cultists known as Christians"
[6]Veiled Truths
Marc Lynch | Foreign Affairs | July 2010
Essay on political Islam and West, centred on Tariq Ramadan and his
pragmatic challenge to fundamentalism. Long piece, slow to build, quite hard
work, but well worth effort
[7]Does Surveillance Make Us Morally Better?
Emrys Westacott | Philosophy Now | 24 June 2010
More CCTV makes it more likely that transgressions will be detected,
punished. People will form rule-abiding habits. But does this conditioning
stunt our growth as moral individuals?
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