Newsletter 42

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[2]Deep Throat
William Saletan | Slate | 8 July 2010
The astonishing and grotesque world of competitive eating, complete with
corporate sponsors, broadcasting deals, contract disputes with "stars". Man
who ate 72 hot-dogs in one go explains how he "fools body into accepting
[3]Until Cryonics Do Us Part
Kerry Howley | NYT Magazine | 5 July 2010
Economics blogger Robin Hanson gets lead role in a fascinating feature on
cryonics as a source of marital discord. Typically, when husband wants to be
frozen, wife is sceptical-to-hostile
[4]If Earth Stood Still
Witold Fraczek | ESRI | June 2010
If Earth stopped spinning, how would land, water reconfigure in absence of
centrifugal force? Computer simulation supplies answer: one equatorial
megacontinent, two great polar oceans
[5]Martin Amis. Look At Me!
William Deresiewicz | New Republic | 7 July 2010
Fine, long assessment of British novelist's career. He is "gesturing toward
the main tradition of English fiction", but imaginative, stylistic
limitations stop him short
[6]Last Words
Charles Simic | NYR Blog | 7 July 2010
Brief history of final words of the condemned. John Owens, executed for
murder in Wyoming in 1886: "I wish you'd hurry up. I want to get to hell in
time for dinner"
[7]Islam And Election Rigging In Egypt
Alaa Al Aswany | World Affairs | 6 July 2010
Promising new blog. Thousands of ostensibly pious police, civil servants
involved in election rigging. What if they could be persuaded that their
civic misdeeds were akin to religious sin of bearing false witness?
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