Newsletter 58

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[2]Low Tricks And High Finance
Tim Congdon | TLS | 28 July 2010
City economist's fine, critical review of Niall Ferguson's biography of
Sigmund Warburg. Says Ferguson overstates Warburg's achievements. Full of
insights about how financial institutions operate
[3]A Girls’ Guide To Saudi Arabia
Maureen Dowd | Vanity Fair | August 2010
Exactly the piece you'd expect from Maureen Dowd in Saudi Arabia. Shrewd,
sarcastic, superficial, full of odd factoids and jibes against Islamist
misogyny. And very funny
[4]Mine Shaft's Dark Secrets Of Death
Luo Jieqi | Caixin | 28 July 2010
From China, a terrific, convoluted, murder-and-extortion story in which
seemingly everybody, possibly excepting the corpse, is double-crossing. Even
the crime scene, a coal mine, is illegal
[5]Ever-Curious Cellist
David Mermelstein | WSJ | 29 July 2010
Delightful interview with a charming, clever, Yo-Yo Ma. "My job as a
performer is to make something memorable. If I do something nice but
forgettable, it needn't have happened"
[6]Top Secret America: A Bust
Richard Posner | New Republic | 29 July 2010
Withering dismissal of WP's "Secret America" series. "Will impress only
naïve readers who have failed to realize that the US government and its
major components are huge"
[7]Was Cardinal Newman A Saint?
Anthony Kenny | TLS | 28 July 2010
Beautiful essay on 19th-century religious thinker and writer. His attempts
to reconcile Church of England with its Roman Catholic heritage failed, but
both churches honour his memory
[8]Cable Ready
Jason Zasky | Failure | 28 July 2010
Story of epic struggle to lay first transatlantic cable. Finally completed
in 1866 after years of problems, many avoidable. Narrator enjoys setbacks
too much to be entirely reliable, but a good read
[9]Two Stories Of Doomed Love
Michael Schaub | NPR | 28 July 2010
Excerpt from new Gary Shteyngart novel, preceded by short review. Absurdist
humour, satire combine in vision of US as cash-strapped police state all but
owned by China, at war with Venezuela
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