Newsletter 59

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[2]Too Many Laws, Too Many Prisoners
Anonymous | Economist | 22 July 2010
Superb, chilling report on American sentencing policy. Far too many petty
criminals go to gaol, sometimes for life. Problem lies with political
populism, mandatory sentences, badly drafted laws
[3]Rabbis And Thinking Machines
David Gelernter | Big Questions | 30 July 2010
How should we treat future thinking machines? Will they have rights? Judaic
view of animals gives useful analogy: animals have no rights, but we must
treat them well for the sake of our own dignity
Peter Leeson | 2010
Economist argues in highly readable academic paper (PDF) that gypsies'
superstitions about purity and pollution are a form of private law,
substituting for public law, which the community rejects
[5]New Science Of Morality
Jonathan Haidt | Edge | 29 July 2010
Dazzling talk on new thinking in moral psychology. Develops analogy between
moral sense and psychology of taste. Long, slow to start, but by paragraph
six you're hooked
[6]Death Of The Telephone Call
Clive Thompson | Wired | 28 July 2010
Americans make fewer, shorter, phone calls. Text, chat, social media so more
convenient. And less tiring, because they use much less emotional bandwidth
than talking directly
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