Newsletter 64

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[2]Top Speechwriting Technique
Charles Crawford | Blogoir | 31 July 2010
Lacerating analysis of British prime minister's speeches during recent trips
to Turkey and India. Poor technique, breathless and patronising in tone --
and what he should have said instead
[3]Valencia: What Lies Beneath
Jason Webster | The National | 29 July 2010
Long-time resident traces city's Moorish past. Historically, it's as Moorish
as Granada or Cordoba, but few Valencians mention this or know that much of
their food, music and language is Arab in origin
[4]All Quiet On The Eastern Front
Uri Avnery | Gush Shalom | 31 July 2010
A dismantling of Israel's argument that it must retain Jordan Valley area of
the West Bank for security reasons. Includes well-judged swipe at moribund
"peace process"
[5]25,000 Deaths In Mexico
Charles Bowden & Molly Molloy | Nation | 23 July 2010
Attack on US-funded drug war in Mexico. It kills thousands of civilians,
enriches corrupt Mexican army and officialdom—and yet has no visible impact
on drug trade. Who is fooling who?
[6]The Beats: Pictures Of Legend
Edmund White | NYRB | 30 July 2010
Anecdote-filled review of Alan Ginsberg's photographic archive, shown at
National Gallery. Private glimpses of Kerouac, Burroughs et al. Ginsberg
took up photography because writing didn't pay
[7]Ringmaster's Reckoning
Anil Varghese | Caravan | August 2010
Investigation into preparations for Commonwealth Games this year in New
Delhi. Corruption, mismanagement, chaos. A scandal. But also—as portrayed
here—pretty much the norm for an Indian public project
[8]Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets
Julia Angwin | WSJ | 31 July 2010
Unnerving account of new-generation cookies that track online behaviour.
Tester visited America's top 50 websites, found they had placed 3,180
tracking files on her computer without asking
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