Newsletter 65

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[2]Unsolid Earth
Oliver Morton | Economist | 5 August 2010
More evidence for seeing Earth as process rather than object. Even the dense
inner core is probably not, as previously thought, a stable lump—but
something closer to a recycling mechanism
[3]Keep Anti-Terrorism And Theology Apart
Brian Whitaker | Guardian | 5 August 2010
Challenging non-violent Islamist ideology through government channels or
anti-terrorism strategy likely to be counter-productive. Better to discredit
anti-democratic ideology through political debate
[4]New Orleans Diary
Rebecca Solnit | LRB | 5 August 2010
Long, pessimistic reporter's notebook on oil-spill impact. "Forced labour in
toxic conditions. Dead sea turtles by the hundred. Dead whales. Pelicans
soaked in oil. Oil-smeared islands of marsh grass"
[5]Infinite Life
Oren Harman | New Republic | 21 July 2010
Fabulous essay on mathematicians' efforts to understand infinity. Russians
who finally cracked it early last century were inspired by Orthodox
theology. Stalin killed them
[6]Blair Must Be Arrested
John Pilger | New Statesman | 4 August 2010
He launched an illegal war. Now he makes a fortune by monetising his public
service. This piece is wishful thinking—but still, the worlds of Blair, and
of "Ghost", are converging
[7]Talibanisation Of British Childhood
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown | Daily Mail | 5 August 2010
Usually-liberal columnist attacks Britain as too tolerant, for allowing
"Wahhabi crusaders" to impose fundamentalist values on Muslim families. "We
need to stop this appeasement"
[8]Conversion Of David Mamet
Terry Teachout | Commentary | July/August 2010
Illuminating essay on American playwright's public repudiation of
liberalism—probably spurred by his Zionism. A lone voice in the theatre.
Unfortunately, his latest play, "Race", is a dud
[9]Obama's Cool Leaves People Cold
Michael Gerson | WP | 4 August 2010
Ex-Bush speechwriter on president's reserved style. Refreshing, in an age of
populism. But there's such a thing as too much calm. Voters expect to see
emotion, when crisis hits
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