Newsletter 66

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[2]How To Survive In Vegas
Karl Taro Greenfield | Business Week | 5 August 2010
Profile of Gary Loveman, who left Harvard to run Harrah's Entertainment.
"There are a number of people who think gambling is the devil's work, and
that I am a consummate devil because I am a smart devil."
[3]Style Notes
Simon Heffer | Telegraph | 2 August 2010
Editor's memo. Wonderful. "We wrote that 'too many bomb disposal experts'
had died in Afghanistan, which prompted a reader to ask what an acceptable
number would have been"
[4]Ministry Of Oil Defence
Peter Maas | Foreign Policy | 5 August 2010
US military spends trillions of dollars to secure oil supplies, patrolling
sea-lanes and fighting wars, while denying oil as the motive. How would it
change US policy, if true cost of oil was acknowledged?
[5]How To Square Caucasian Circle
Thomas de Waal FT | 5 August 2010
Net effect of 2008 Russia-Georgia war has been to destabilise region, weaken
Russia's security. Russia should support compromise on status of Abkhazia,
South Ossetia, before Sochi Olympics
[6]A Banker's Betrayal
Michael Bronner | Global Post | 5 August 2010
Highly readable five-part series on how American tax authorities busted
Swiss banking secrecy, uncovered 15,000 US-owned offshore accounts at UBS.
Biggest tax fraud case in US history
[7]Kagame Under Scrutiny
Anonymous | Economist | 5 August 2010
Balanced assessment of Rwandan president, in run-up to Monday's election.
Done a good job of getting the economy moving. But string of attacks on his
political opponents. "Formidable if fearsome"
[8]New York, Tech Backwater
Antonio Garcia-Martinez | Adgrok | 3 August 2010
Withering dismissal of New York's ambitions to be a technology centre
comparable with Bay Area. The city's mythology is geared to finance; and it
doesn't have the right mix of academic institutions
[9]Scrax And Polkadodge
Michael Deacon | Telegraph | 6 August 2010
OUP archives words that haven't made the dictionary, but have useful
meaning. eg, "Scrax: the waxy coating that is scratched off an instant
lottery ticket"
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