Newsletter 67

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Tony Judt | NYRB | 8 August 2010
Recollections of university years at King's, Cambridge, from British
historian who died last week. Portrays 1960s as golden age, when students
profited from elite traditions while seeing themselves as radicals
[3]Roald Dahl's Darkest Hour
Donald Sturrock | Telegraph | 6 August 2010
Slice of author's tortured private life, in between writing children's
books. Invented cranial valve to save son's life after car accident. Lost
daughter to encephalitis. Rallied wife back from crippling stroke.
[4]Astral Bodies
M.G. Lord | NY Times | 6 August 2010
Review of "Packing For Mars", on physical nitty-gritty of space flight, by
Mary Roach. “I will tell you without exaggeration that the best part of
lunch today at the NASA Ames cafeteria is the urine”
[5]Agreeable Ways To Disable Your Children
Katja Grace | Meteuphoric | 7 August 2010
Speakers of small languages should raise their children to speak big
languages. "The main value of languages is in communicating, and a patchwork
of local protocols is the antithesis of that goal"
[6]Iraq: Requiem For Misadventure
Joe Klein | Time | 5 August 2010
Early supporter of Iraq invasion charts its failure. Ousting Sadaam was a
reasonable aim, but America "should never go to war unless we have been
attacked or are under direct, immediate threat of attack"
[7]Does Citibank's S. Larson Really Exist?
Barry Newman | WSJ | 6 August 2010
On the trail of the elusive individual whose unchanging signatures have
graced letters from Citibank's credit-card customer service dept for two
decades. A classic piece of WSJ whimsy
[8]Argentine Ant Invasion
Tom Junod | Esquire | 26 July 2010
Squirm-inducing account of trying to live in a house on top of an anthill.
Ants everywhere. In your underwear. In your bath-taps. Even in your
wineglass. "Reader, I drank them"
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