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Dear FiveBooks Readers,

If you haven’t already entered our [2]FiveBooks quiz to win a $30 Amazon
book voucher, now's your chance. The closing date has been extended to
August 14th because we haven't yet had a winner!

Please view our first ever video interview - [3]Robin Yassin-Kassab on

It's  been [4]Good and Evil Week at FiveBooks with interviews and book
recommendations that offered a new interpretation of King Lear, tips on how
to be happy and a philosophical understanding of time itself. Enjoy reading!

[5]Adam Haslett on Evil
Monday July 26th
The bestselling writer says King Lear rejects Cordelia because she addresses
his mortal humanity and not his immortal omnipotence – something many people
have a problem with. He chooses five books on the origins of evil.

[6]Jonathan Haidt on Happiness
Tuesday July 27th
The psychologist and author tells us how to be happy – we need to understand
that we are only riding the elephant, we are not the elephant itself. He
chooses five instructive books on happiness.

[7]Darius Rejali on Violence
Wednesday July 28th
The author of Torture and Democracy, says the widespread and sanctioned use
of torture in the US military, not the CIA, is one of the least investigated
legacies of the Bush regime. He chooses five books on violence.

[8]Philip Vannini on Music and Life
Thursday July 29th
Professor Phillip Vannini talks about music from an ethnographic point of
view – music scenes give us a sense of identity and belonging, defining who
we are even down to our mood. He chooses five books on the ethnography of

[9]Carlos Eire on Time and Eternity
Friday July 30th
The philosopher grapples with the past, present and eternal future with the
help of Meister Eckhart, St Augustine, Kurt Vonnegut and Milan Kundera. All
living beings are seeking a divine consciousness, he says.

Weekend Interview
[10]Tyler Cowen on Information
Saturday July 31st
Academic,     economist    and    co-author    of    economics    blog
[11], Tyler Cowen says the internet is even more
Platonic than Plato – this democracy doesn’t need philosopher kings. He
chooses the best five books on information.

[12]Daniel Finkelstein on All Conservatism is Local
Sunday August 1st
There is international communism and international socialism, but, explains
the British columnist and blogger Daniel Finkelstein, there is no such thing
as an international conservatism – and there never will be.
Anna Blundy
Editor, FiveBooks

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