Newsletter 68

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[2]Discovering Narrative: The Value Of Ignorance
Mark Bowden | Nieman Storyboard | 30 July 2010
Top journalist, author of "Black Hawk Down", on learning the trade. "You
would be amazed at how much more a guy will tell you with a beer in his
[3]World's Hottest Ad-Man Find His Soul
Danielle Sacks | Fast Company | 9 August 2010
Enthralling profile of Alex Bogusky, advertising-industry genius who hires
monk, discovers spiritual values, quits his agency to become new-ager in
Colorado. Hold on for the twist in the tail of the tale
[4]Das Lied Der Deutschen
Anonymous | Economist | 5 August 2010
Short, highly informative review of Ruth Sanders's "German, a Biography",
tracing language's emergence from Indo-European roots, through consolidation
in Martin Luther's Bible, to modern times
[5]Role Of The President's Economic Advisers
Keith Hennessy | 8 August 2010
Backgrounder. Functions, hierarchy of president's top White House advisers,
especially on economics. Distinction between National Economic Council
(Summers), and Council of Economic Advisors (Romer)
[6]Soak The Very, Very Rich
James Surowiecki | New Yorker | 9 August 2010
America should set top income-tax rates to cut in at much higher levels of
income. Then it would be possible to raise taxes on very rich, without
provoking anger from professionals and small business
[7]The Marriage Ideal
Ross Douthat | NYT | 8 August 2010
Conservative columnist argues in favour of gay marriage. Says opponents try
to defend an ideal of straight marriage which has long since collapsed.
Fidelity should be encouraged, whether straight or gay
[8]Roald Dahl's Darkest Hour
Donald Sturrock | Telegraph | 6 August 2010
Slice of author's tortured private life, in between writing children's
books. Invented cranial valve to save son's life after car accident. Lost
daughter to encephalitis. Rallied wife back from crippling stroke.
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