Newsletter 71

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[2]Ditching Principles For Diplomacy
Henryk Broder | Spiegel | 13 August 2010
Gay German foreign minister denounced for not taking partner to countries
where homosexuality illegal. "How does he intend to promote tolerance by
making allowances for intolerance of his hosts?"
[3]What Killed Kevin Morrissey?
Robin Wilson | Chronicle of Higher Education | 12 August 2010
Tragedy in miniature, well told. Bullying editor of small literary quarterly
clashes with depressive managing editor, promotes smart young woman over his
head, managing editor commits suicide
[4]Postcard From Detroit
Mark Binelli | N+1 | 12 August 2010
Gripping account of feral strip-club in ruined neighbourhood, and its
gun-toting boss. "I could see a pair of nun chucks and a crossbow hanging
above his bed, and a Kevlar vest closer to the door"
[5]"Star Wars" Producer Looks Back
Geoff Boucher | LAT | 12 August 2010
Fascinating if you're a "Star Wars" fan, if not then maybe not. Gary Kurtz,
original co-producer, says George Lucas betrayed franchise, led astray by
merchandising. Toys earned triple what films did
[6]What Happened To Yahoo
Paul Graham | August 2010
Tech writer who sold start-up to Yahoo gives spot-on inside diagnosis of
Yahoo's implosion. Wanted to be media company, not tech company. Hired
second-rate programmers. Fatal error
[7]Cameron's Not As Posh As You Think He Is
Peter York | Independent | 12 August 2010
Rich, Old Etonian prime minister can sincerely claim to be "middle class",
because he is posh enough to consort with true upper class—billionaires, old
aristos—and measure himself against them
[8]Is It Legal To Eat Your Cat?
Brian Palmer | Slate | 12 August 2010
Question prompted by a traffic incident in New York. Police pulled over a
car for driving through a stop sign, and found in the trunk a live cat
marinated in cooking oil, peppers, and salt
[9]Extreme Moneyball
Richard Siklos | Business Week | August 12th 2010
Entertaining big-money soap opera. Owners of Los Angeles Dodgers divorce
ferociously, spend $20m on lawyers. Got lucky in Boston real estate. Famous
for living large, even by local standards
[10]Hugh Trevor-Roper: Liquidator
Neal Ascherson | LRB | 11 August 2010
Ascherson at his best. Anecdote-packed essay on snobbish, Scot-hating,
combative British historian, a great but vain scholar who ruined his
reputation by authenticating bogus Hitler diaries
[11]Top-Earning Sportsman Of All Time
Peter Struck | Lapham's Quarterly | 2 August 2010
And it's not Tiger Woods. A Lusitanian Spaniard named Gaius Appuleius
Diocles earned the equivalent of $15bn in the course of a 24-year career as
chariot-racer in ancient Rome
[12]Living With Disability, Working On Screen
Benjamin Cohen | Channel 4 News | 11 August 2010
British TV reporter gives illuminating, unsentimental account of dealing
professionally with multiple sclerosis. Shaky hands, eye-patch, distract
viewers. Wheelchair problem awaits
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