Newsletter 72

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

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[2]Two Churchills
Johann Hari | NYT | 12 August 2010
One Churchill defending freedom and democracy against Nazi menace. The other
despised "uncivilised tribes", supported concentration camps, poison gas, as
tools of empire-building
[3]Living With A Nuclear Iran
Robert Kaplan | Atlantic | September 2010
Conversation with Henry Kissinger. Brilliant—as always—in theory. Argues
that it's no use negotiating with "revolutionary" countries, since they will
not feel bound by the outcome
[4]India's Million Mutinies
Subodh Varma | Times of India | 14 August 2010
Short guide to complexity, volatility, of Indian state and society.
North-eastern states have 475 ethnic groups, 35 separatist movements.
Further divisions by caste, gender, community
[5]Who's a Pirate? Court Decides
Keith Johnson | WSJ | 14 August 2010
Definition of piracy might seem obvious. But as cases reach US courts from
Somalia, judges re-examine legal niceties. Are you a pirate if you try to
seize a vessel, but fail?
[6]Lunch With Lorin Stein
Trevor Butterworth | FT | 13 August 2010
Conversation with editor of Paris Review, previously star editor at FSG. No
great issues discussed, lots of charm and style. "FT lunch" really is lunch,
for once. At a restaurant. With wine
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