Newsletter 74

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[2]America's Kidnapping Capital
Monica Alonzo | Phoenix New Times | 12 August 2010
Shocking (perhaps overlong) account of Arizona people smuggling business.
Organisation extends to having own mobile phone masts in the desert,
treatment of Mexican migrants truly horrendous
[3]David Kelly Was Not Murdered
Andrew Gilligan | Telegraph | 16 August 2010
Reporter who interviewed Iraq weapons inspector, broke "sexed-up" dossier
story says conspiracy theories about his source's death are just that. Have
a proper inquest, if only to end this nonsense
[4]A 24-Carat Disaster For Africa
Kieron Ryan | Spiked Online | 16 August 2010
Provocative, contrarian take on the diamond industry. Kimberly Process is
nonsensical, pointless, hasn't prevented conflict; has promoted monopolies,
smuggling, corruption
[5]Last Chance For Pakistan
Ahmed Rashid | NYR Blog | 16 August 2010
What happens when the floodwater recedes? Grim analysis foresees collapse of
governance, rise in social and ethnic tension, security crisis. Huge
international relief and reconstruction effort is vital
[6]The Transformer
Fred Kaplan | Foreign Policy | September 2010
Thorough profile of Robert Gates, pragmatic, problem-solving and decisive US
defence secretary. Writer gives him credit for overhauling military
planning, ridding army of outdated Cold War culture
[7]Washington, We Have A Problem
Todd Purdum | Vanity Fair | September 2010
Huge feature profiling Obama's working day, and using it to frame an
argument that America's government has got too big and complex to function.
Some nuggets, some longueurs
[8]On Caste Privilege
Namit Arora | Shunya's Notes | 15 August 2010
Excellent short essay on post-independence political history of Indian caste
system. Strikingly similar to history of racial politics in America, save
that caste much less discussed publicly
[9]Uncle Ted Is Dead
Steve Conn | Mudflats | 15 August 2010
Brutal memoir of former senator for Alaska. Cheap and nasty. Sold his
services to Big Oil. Bought votes with federal funds. Allowed radiation
experiments on native Alaskans.
[10]Chicago On Yangtze
Christina Larson | Foreign Policy | September 2010
Fine portrait of fastest-growing city in the world: Chongqing, population
32m. Reminder of China's amazing scale. Full of huge cities, huge companies
you've barely even heard of
[11]If You Want To Write, Get Threatened
Charlie Brooker | Guardian | 16 August 2001
Journalist tries to explain how he writes. Ideal is to suspend your inner
critic, write first and worry later. But that's hard to make happen. Only
practical answer: frequent deadlines
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