Newsletter 75

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[2]Gaza's Final Scavenging Frontier
Ibrahim Barzak | AP | 16 August 2010
Shortage of jobs and construction materials now so acute that scavengers
target airport runway. Working in burning heat for $15 a day, they dig up
the asphalt to remove gravel underneath
[3]Free Parking Comes At A Price
Tyler Cowen | NYT | 14 August 2010
American motorists accustomed to free or cheap parking. Cities undercharge
for parking spaces. Developers are obliged to build them. Time to withdraw
this subsidy, shift to market pricing
[4]Enduring Relevance Of Affirmative Action
Randall Kennedy | American Prospect | 11 August 2010
Affirmative action has survived the Bush years by repositioning itself, no
longer as a means of righting historic wrongs, but as a source of
"diversity" from which everybody benefits
[5]India’s Weak State Will Not Overhaul China
Arvind Subramanian | FT | 16 August 2010
India growing fast despite big public sector, heavy regulatory burden,
widespread corruption. A "nation of hustlers". Even so, it will never
outstrip China, unless it gets better government
[6]A Tourist in North Korea
Christina Larson | Foreign Policy | 16 August 2010
American academic tells of taking tour groups around farms, casinos,
kindergartens. "People walk around pushing their belongings—including their
children—in makeshift wheelbarrows"
[7]Russia Tussles Over How to Halt Fires
Richard Boudreaux | WSJ | 16 August 2010
Good backgrounder on Russian fires. Bogs around Moscow drained early last
century for peat fuel, then neglected, sold off, built upon. Only way to
stop fire would be to reflood them
[8]Sufis: Muslims In The Middle
William Dalrymple | NYT | 16 August 2010
Cordoba House—the "Ground Zero mosque"—is being built by Sufis, mystical
moderate Muslims already under attack from fundamentalists. America should
respect, support them
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