Newsletter 83

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

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Writing Worth Reading


A.C. Grayling | TPM | 25 August 2010

Short, dense, useful essay on limits of neuroscientific tools in
  philosophical investigation of the mind. A brain in isolation is not a mind.
  A mind must interact with a social and physical environment

[3]Radical Opacity

Julian Dibbell | MIT Tech Review | 23 August 2010

Outstanding profile of Christopher "moot" Poole, and 4chan, his online
  community, where anonymity and lack of rules generates huge, rowdy traffic.
  Poole: "People deserve a place to be wrong"

[4]Hair Today, Prime Minister Tomorrow

Soner Cagaptay | Monocle | 24 August 2010

Funny piece, serious point. Working-class Turkish men have moustaches.
  Politicians must do same, to get votes. Opposition party doing much better
  after dumping clean-shaven leader for man with whiskers

[5]Frugal Superpower

Michael Mandelbaum | Guernica | 24 August 2010

Long, worthwhile essay on repercussions of economic crisis for US foreign
  policy. Era of plentiful resources has ended. "Defining fact of foreign
  policy in the second decade of the 21st century and beyond will be 'less.'"

[6]Internal Memo: Bedbug

Christian Lorenzen | NY Observer | 24 August 2010

New York infestation story retold from insect's viewpoint. Don't read while
  eating. "I can survive without drinking your blood, or your cat's blood, or
  anything for an entire year"

[7]Anarchic Republic Of Pakistan

Ahmed Rashid | National Interest | 24 August 2010

"Deep state" of military and intelligence officials, supported by US, is
  nourishing terrorism, ruining country. Civilians helpless, politicians
  corrupt. "A creeping coup d’état by the forces of darkness"

[8]Bout, Sechin And A Political Firestorm

Yulia Latynina | Moscow Times | 25 August 2010

Scale of Viktor Bout's arms dealing so great that he must have been working
  for the Russian government. Which wants him back before the Americans can
  question him

[9]Bill Gates's Favorite Teacher

David Kaplan | Fortune | 24 August 2010

Salman Khan quit hedge fund job to launch educational website. Makes video
  tutorials in a closet at home. They're short, simple, effective, viral. Bill
  Gates calls him "awesome"

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