Newsletter 82

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]Koch Brothers' War On Obama
   Jane Mayer | New Yorker | 23 August 2010
   Profile of elderly billionaire brothers who bankroll much of America's
   right-wing populism and climate-change denial. "They are the Standard
   Oil of our times"
 * [3]Bushehr: We Shouldn’t Worry
   Jeremy Bernstein | NYRB | 23 August 2010
   Surprisingly interesting short account of Iranian town, and nuclear
   reactor just built there. Looks like a legitimate power-generation
   plant. Other Iranian projects much more dangerous
 * [4]Why Taxes Are Low In Middle East
   Brian Whitaker | Guardian | 23 August 2010
   Direct taxes rare. Suits governments and people. Eases pressure for
   democracy and accountability. Governments can draw on oil revenues,
   indirect taxes, foreign aid, instead
 * [5]Tells The Facts, Names The Names
   Anne Helen Petersen | Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style | 22 August 2010
   Excellent, footnoted history of "Confidential", pioneering 1950s
   Hollywood gossip magazine which blazed cheesy trail of scandal and
   innuendo followed later by National Inquirer, TMZ etc

[6]Today on FiveBooks - Israel.

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