Newsletter 86

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]The Second Bottle
   Alan Richman | GQ | 27 August 2010
   Choosing the first bottle of wine is simple: white, light, get it to the
   table fast. The second is the one that counts. It should be better than
   the first, interesting, unknown to your guests. Better to be guided by
   vintages than makers
 * [3]End Of Human Specialness
   Jaron Lanier | Chronicle Review | 29 August 2010
   Short, powerful reflection on technology, from veteran computer
   scientist, complaining that individual cognition is being turned into a
   commodity that Facebook and others can manipulate, trade
 * [4]Silicon Valley's Dark Secret
   Vivek Wadhwa | TechCrunch | 28 August 2010
   Interesting paradox of US tech industry is that there's both a shortage
   and a surplus of engineers. Former entrepreneur explains why, and throws
   in potentially useful career advice for techies too
 * [5]Once Upon A Life
   Deborah Feldman | Observer | 29 August 2010
   What happened when writer renounced Hasidic Jewish upbringing. "The
   first time I danced publicly was exhilarating, I got drunk on half a
   Guinness and the first time I flirted with a boy I came on too strong"
 * [6]Topic: Stephen Fry
   A selection of recent essays and speeches: on language, America, art,
   and cricket

[7]Today on FiveBooks: award-winning writer Tom Piazza chooses the best five
books on New Orleans.

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