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Dear FiveBooks Readers,

We've got an exciting week coming up, including an interview with [2]Max
Mosley who chose books on privacy and said if you want to make a porn video
that's fine, but it's not up to the _News of the World_ to do it for you.
Mosley  is  speaking  at an [3]Intelligence Squared Event in London on
September 7th.

For those of you following the impassioned debate on Israel/Palestine on
FiveBooks,  do  have  a  look  at  the  new additions to the FiveBooks
Israel/Palestine  collection - interviews with [4]Amnon Rubinstein and
[5]Michael Goldfarb.

_[6]Amnon Rubinstein on Israel_
Monday, August 23rd
As Israel and Palestine agree to direct negotiations, the father of Israeli
constitutional law and author of _Israel and the Family of Nations_ Amnon
Rubinstein says Palestine has missed many opportunities for peace and that a
one-state solution would be the end of Israel as a Jewish state, and the end
of a Western democracy as we know it. A two-state solution, he says, is the
only solution.

_[7]Michael Goldfarb on Israel_
Tuesday, August 24th
The award-winning broadcast journalist and author thinks perceptions of
Israel and Palestine are always filtered through expectation and prejudice.
One of the reasons it is an unsolvable problem is, he believes, because the
diaspora communities are incapable of seeing the situation through any kind
of real or truthful perception. He chooses five books on Israel.

_[8]Lord Alderdice on The Psychology of Terrorism_
Wednesday, August 25th
Negotiator of the Good Friday Agreement, Lord John Alderdice says Margaret
Thatcher’s lack of maternal compassion for the Irish republican hunger
strikers shocked Ireland and informed the Troubles. He chooses five books on
the psychology of terror.

_[9]Timothy Knatchbull on The Troubles_
Thursday, August 26th
The  author  of  _From a Clear Blue Sky: Surviving the Mountbatten Bomb
_chooses five books on the Troubles, and describes his own relationship with
Ireland and his journey through the grief at the death of his identical twin
brother in the Mountbatten bomb of August 1979.

_[10]Tom Piazza on New Orleans_
Friday, August 27th
Five years after Katrina, the award-winning writer, currently writing for
_Treme_,  the  new HBO show from _The Wire _creator David Simon, says that
there is a profundity in the expression of joy in New Orleans because of the
constant awareness of mortality. Your end could come from natural causes, a
shooting, or the breaking of a levee, so while you are here you need to live
with defiant grace and beauty.

Have a good week and don't miss [11]Alex Bellos on Maths, up today and
Rupert Isaacson on the Miracle of Autism later this week.
Anna Blundy
Editor, FiveBooks

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