Newsletter 87

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]How Panhandlers Use Free Credit Cards
   Jim Rankin | Star | 28 August 2010
   What would happen if, instead of spare change, you handed a homeless
   person the means to shop for what they wanted? Toronto reporter buys
   pre-paid cards and finds out
 * [3]Francis Collins's Covenant
   Peter Boyer | New Yorker | 30 August 2010
   Fascinating profile of Obama's appointee as head of National Institutes
   Of Health. A brilliant geneticist, and fervent Christian, caught in
   centre of culture war over stem-cell research
 * [4]I Get Around
   Mark Harris | NYT | 26 August 2010
   Quite a review. Biography of Samuel Steward, drug addict, masochist,
   philanderer, whose conquests included Rudolph Valentino, Lord Alfred
   Douglas, Thornton Wilder. Later, apparently, a Hell's Angel
 * [5]Are You Being Served?
   James Surowiecki | New Yorker | 30 August 2010
   Why is customer service so bad? Because it's a cost centre. Its effects
   are hard to measure. And companies care more about attracting new
   customers, than pleasing those they have
 * [6]Green Book For Afro-American Drivers
   Celia McGee | NYT | 22 August 2010
   “The Negro Motorist Green Book: An International Travel Guide”, last
   published 1964, advised Afro-American drivers where they would be
   welcome to eat and stay in US, Canada, Mexico
 * [7]Interview With Iran's Foreign Minister
   Dieter Bednarz | Spiegel | 30 August 2010
   Spiegel plays hardball. Great questions. Begins with stoning, then on to
   election-rigging, corruption, nuclear weapons. Mottaki dodges, blusters.
   All interviews should be like this
 * [8]Chance News 65
   Chance Wiki | 27 August 2010
   Periodic anthology of quotations, statistics, problems, reports,
   deriving from study of probability. Includes discussion of "Tuesday's
   boy", successor to Monty Hall as most-argument-provoking puzzle
 * [9]Pakistan Cricket In Turmoil Again
   Mike Selvey | Guardian | 29 August 2010
   Well-judged analysis of cricket betting scandal. No purpose served by
   abandoning Pakistan; compassion may be in short supply but they should
   be helped to recover
 * [10]Will European Union Fall?
   Charles Kupchan | WP | 29 August 2010
   Sometimes, things are clearer viewed from a distance. US commentator
   says European integration has gone into reverse, driven by nationalism
   in general, Germany's in particular
 * [11]Decline, But Not Inevitable Decline
   Conrad Black | NRO | 26 August 2010
   Magisterial right-wing overview of recent American history: fantastic
   50-year run to 1989, save for Vietnam. After that, decay. Sideswipes
   against lawyers forgivable from writer just out of jail
 * [12]Topic: Wal-Mart
   Inside the world's biggest private employer. The workers, the wages, the
   customers, the public

[13]Today on FiveBooks: award-winning writer Tom Piazza chooses the best
five books on New Orleans.

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