Newsletter 88

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]Ikeshima: Goodbye To Coal
   Pachiguy | Spike Japan | 31 August 2010
   Beautiful, sad, photo-essay about near-deserted Japanese island, once
   home of country's last working coalmines. Twelve children in school
   built for 1,500. One restaurant. Lots, and lots, of rust
 * [3]The Post-Modern Ear
   Roger Scruton | Axess | 1 August 2010
   Short account of evolution of modern classical music. Atonality was
   promoted by governments and elites. Romantic tradition, infused by jazz,
   proved stronger. Minimalism tried to combine both, badly
 * [4]Obituary: Lord Glenconner
   Anonymous | Telegraph | 29 August 2010
   Eton and Oxford. Bought Caribbean island of Mustique. Walker for
   Princess Margaret. Child by Lucian Freud's mistress. Lost most of his
   money. Limbo-danced at Edinburgh festival
 * [5]White Fright
   Christopher Hitchens | Slate | 30 August 2010
   Glenn Beck channels anxiety among many white Americans that non-whites
   will soon outnumber them. Claims that Obama is Muslim, and foreign-born,
   are coded expressions of racial fear
 * [6]Cover Story
   Tom Scocca | Boston Globe | 29 August 2010
   Interview with Andrew Pettegree, historian, on cultural, commercial
   upheavals produced by first printed books. New market, new commodity.
   People had to get used to buying and selling them

[7]Today on FiveBooks: award-winning writer Tom Piazza chooses the best five
books on New Orleans.

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