Newsletter 89

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]C-Section Needed For Middle East Peace
   Daniel Levy | Huffington Post | 31 August 2010
   Netanyahu won't make peace so US should go over his head to the Israeli
   people. But if there's an Israeli 'yes' to de-occupation gestating
   somewhere it'll still take US surgery to bring it out
 * [3]Life In America's Toughest Jail
   Erwin James | Guardian | 1 September 2010
   Former prisoner in Arizona tells of gang violence, overflowing toilets,
   food green with mould. And a horrendous anecdote about an asthmatic
   cellmate and a cockroach
 * [4]Island Holds Darwin's Best-Kept Secret
   Howard Falcon-Lang | BBC | 1 September 2010
   Interesting, little known story of how Darwin created a fully
   functioning, yet total artificial, ecosystem on Ascension Island. Could
   it have implications for future colonisation of Mars?
 * [5]Date That Will Live In Oblivion
   George Packer | New Yorker | 1 September 2010
   Obama's speech, trying to put a brave face on US combat troop
   withdrawals from Iraq, was "rare moment of dishonesty and
   disingenuousness". Other troops will stay, violence will continue, Iraq
   is a wreck
 * [6]Leaving Iraq, Remembering Roy
   Blake Hall | WP | 29 August 2010
   Remarkably moving piece of writing. US officer pays tribute to brave
   young interpreter who joined Americans after al-Qaeda beheaded two of
   his classmates. Spoiler: it doesn't end happily
 * [7]Tony Blair On Gordon Brown
   Martin Kettle | Guardian | 31 August 2010
   In his memoirs, and in accompanying interview, ex-leader says he doesn't
   regret Iraq, does regret fox-hunting ban, and that Gordon Brown always
   had "zero emotional intelligence"
 * [8]Google's Earth
   William Gibson | NYT | 31 August 2010
   "Cyberspace, not so long ago, was a specific elsewhere, visited
   periodically. Now cyberspace has turned itself inside out, colonised the
   physical, making Google a central structural unit of the world"
 * [9]Sarah Palin: Sound And Fury
   Michael Joseph Gross | Vanity Fair | 1 September 2010
   Assassinatory, highly readable profile of right-wing heroine, portrayed
   throughout as mean, angry, mendacious, aggressive, cynical,
   borderline-unbalanced. And a bad mother

[10]Today on FiveBooks: Max Mosley on Privacy

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