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Best of the Moment

Gun Control That Works: No Guns

Lexington | Economist | 15 December 2012

"I think private ownership of guns is a tragic mistake. But a majority of Americans disagree with me, some of them very strongly. And at a certain point, when very large majorities disagree with you, a bit of deference is in order" Comments (

A Eulogy For #Occupy

Quinn Norton | Wired | 12 December 2012

A year ago Quinn Norton "embedded" with activists in the Occupy movement. She stayed in the camps, bought a gas mask, witnessed the clashes with police. This is a thoroughly compelling account of her experience Comments (

The Strangest Art

Wendy Lesser | Prospect | 12 December 2012

“Think for a moment what it would be like to inhabit a world that is operatic. Every action, every thought, every utterance is geared to never-ending music. Think of the metaphysical questions. First: Who is making the music?" Comments (

Political Genes

Tom Stafford | Mind Hacks | 11 December 2012

There's growing evidence to suggest our political views could be influenced by our genes. How so? The way your brain systems develop will determine your emotional responses, in turn affecting the way your politics are likely to lean Comments (

Bones, Ghosts, And Paul Koudounaris

Molly Langmuir | Hairpin | 12 December 2012

Interview with "ossuary expert" about ghosts and corpses. Grotesque and disturbing throughout. "One of the dangers of necromancy is you don’t really know who’s on the other side or what they’re going to give you in return" Comments (

Everything You Need To Know About The Changing Face Of America Can Be Seen On A Baseball Diamond

Cheech Marin | AlterNet | 11 December 2012

Lovely read on a lifelong love of baseball and the Dodgers. And memories of the day Willie Mays flipped a ball over the fence for a young Marin to take home (h/t Dan H) Comments (

FiveBooks Interview


Jim Shepard on Short Stories

The American writer shares his favourite collections, and tells us why short stories are like guerrilla warfare and perfect for the Twitter generation
Read on (


Guns in America

How does one make sense of the killings in Newtown and Aurora? And will Americans, will President Obama do anything to stop it happening again? Read on (

Reader Recommendations

henrylf (  Crazy Far: What would it take for humans to travel to a star? @natgeomag (   #browsings (!/search?q=#browsings)
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Book of the Day

Book of the Day (

Out of their League  by David Meggyesy

Rick Telander says ( : “Meggyesy shatters the myths. He writes about the brutality of [American] football and the cruelty of coaches. He makes clear that winning comes at a steep price”
FiveBooks Archive (

Video of the Day

Deck The Halls With Macro Follies


"If you want a recovery buy toys, mountains of toys ... " More videos (

Quote of the Day

Penelope Trunk, on quitters (

"There's a lot to be said for quitters. Those people who are extremely good at one thing got that way by quitting almost everything else"

More quotes (

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