Newsletter 880

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

Best of the Moment

The Right To Die Is The Right To Live

Lisa Carver | Vice | 18 December 2012

Mother of chronically ill 18-year-old boy, expected to die young, lets the boy take charge. He fires his doctors, stops his treatments. And gets better. Lifts weights. “There’s just too much negativity. I want to have some fun" Comments (

The World’s Worst War

Jeffrey Gettleman | NYT | 15 December 2012

Congo: The horror, the horror. "I met a pair of soldiers who had chained a chimpanzee to a corroded railway tie, leaving the animal in a pile of its own feces, staring up at us with rheumy eyes as the soldiers howled with laughter" Comments (’s-worst-war)

Best Practices For Raising Kids? Look To Hunter-Gatherers

Jared Diamond | Newsweek | 17 December 2012

What can Western industrial societies learn from other ways of child-rearing? Diamond has worked with people from New Guinea and is struck by the emotional security, self-confidence, curiosity and autonomy of children there Comments (

Who Can Still Afford State U?

Scott Thurm | WSJ | 14 December 2012

For generations of Americans, public universities offered an affordable option for earning a college degree. Not any more. States are spending their money on Medicaid and prisons. Soaring costs are transferred to students, parents Comments (

Syria: The Descent Into Holy War

Patrick Cockburn | Independent | 16 December 2012

"Some Syrians claim that the people against the regime remains the central feature of the uprising, but there is compelling evidence that the movement has slid towards sectarian Islamic fundamentalism intent on waging holy war" Comments (

Google’s Gmail Outage Is A Sign of Things To Come

Stacey Higginbotham | Businessweek | 17 December 2012

Wonkish. But also interesting. Why Gmail goes down. "Most of the coders behind today’s popular websites and services are deploying their code when it’s ready—not at some pre-determined point when downtime may not be noticed" Comments (’s-gmail-outage-sign-things-come)

FiveBooks Interview


The author tells us about his favourite novels with legal themes and the issues of justice, morality and human mess they bring to light Read on (


Conflict in Syria

The Syrian conflict is causing terrible destruction and loss of life. This report charts how protests against the Assad regime descended into a bitter war  Read on (

Reader Recommendations

@polit2k ( "@economistmeg ( : Great (but grim) piece on the social and economic situation in Greece by @MMQWalker ( #browsings ( More like this (

Book of the Day

Book of the Day (

How Pleasure Works  by Paul Bloom

Susan Gelman says ( : “He says that we like what we like, not because of what it presents to our senses…but through our beliefs about what the item is” FiveBooks Archive (

Video of the Day

Educate The Heart


Script is schmaltz. Graphics are gorgeous More videos (

Quote of the Day

Thomas Malone, on intelligence (

"The most intelligent person is not the one who's best at doing any specific task, but it's the one who's best at picking up new things quickly"

More quotes (

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