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The Browser

The Browser has been in business since late 2007 (the exact date of birth has been lost in our CMS). Each day we recommend 5 pieces of reading that we think are of lasting value (and a video, podcast, and quotable quote).

"The Browser is my number-one go-to website"

– David Brooks

"In the ocean of noise that is the internet, The Browser is an island of wonders, filled with treasure and surprise. I make the journey every day" 

– Dexter Filkins

"A truly wonderful site"

– Stephen Fry

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I choose each piece personally, which means, in effect, that I read all day. I welcome recommendations that alert me to new and niche publications. I rely heavily on an app, Gentle Reader, which was developed jointly by The Browser and Cronycle, and which allows me to browse, bookmark and read offline from hundreds of different sources. If you have time to read more than my daily selection in The Browser, you can download Gentle Reader free to an iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store.

I aim to recommend only articles that are freely available to read online. I avoid recommending articles from sites with hard paywalls (such as the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal). Exceptionally, I may recommend an article from a paywalled site that gives the casual visitor a quota of free articles (such as the New York Times, and the New Yorker). I was a journalist for most of my working life; I believe in paid content; but where a publisher or a writer chooses to make a piece of fine writing available freely, then I hope, through The Browser, to give that fine writing a wider audience.

The Browser is a small business, but we do have wages and overheads to pay, which is why we ask readers to subscribe for unlimited use of the website and reception of our nightly email containing the day’s recommendations.

– Robert Cottrell