Vitamin, Million, Aliens, Freeze, Battle

The Mystery Of Vitamin D

BostWiki | YouTube | 17th January 2022

The reason sunbathers act like drug addicts is quite simple: the sun is a drug. UV-A (the less talked about part of the UV spectrum) has comparable physical and psychological effects as opioids, meaning that sunless communities (like Hong Kong's Kowloon Walled City) have far higher rates of opioid addiction. In other words, painkillers literally give people a little bit of sunshine (29m 08s)

A Reasonable Request

Andrew Laurich | YouTube | 15th June 2015

Obscene and maybe disturbing, but fantastically written, comedy short. If money-based hypotheticals ("would you do such-and-such a crazy thing for a million dollars") actually popped up in our lives, we would be faced with a baffling choice. A father and son must choose between their dignity and a whole lot of money; the father's response is a superb punchline (8m 01s)

Our Failed Attempts To Teach Aliens About Earth

J. J. McCullough | YouTube | 15th January 2022

To quell the "nagging fear that someone somewhere in this big universe of ours might not be aware that we even exist," we have sent many different kinds of self-portrait into space; for example, the famous Sagan plaque below. "Most earthlings can probably barely understand what's being expressed here, making the learning curve for aliens incredibly steep" (17m 46s)

Fear Of Cold

Jacob Geller | YouTube | 14th January 2022

Winter tales of terror and death. "The cold’s ability to preserve lends it an almost mythic quality—the same force can maintain life in a brain frozen for hours, keep a neon-jacketed body locked to the same point of Everest for decades, and mummify a man so effectively that 5,000 years later, we can tell what he ate hours before he died" (47m 36s)

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