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Weekly Newsletter

Best of the Week

[6]In Praise Of Leisure
      6. http://b.rw/N3BAwn

Robert Skidelsky & Edward Skidelsky | Chronicle Review | 18 June 2012

Resuscitating economics as a moral science. "Let us imagine that
  everyone has enough to lead a good life. What is the good life? And
  what is it not? And what changes in our moral and economic system are
  needed to realise it?" [7]Comments
      7. http://thebrowser.com/articles/praise-leisure

[8]Why Women Still Can't Have It All
      8. http://b.rw/KAH2uh

Anne-Marie Slaughter | Atlantic | 21 June 2012

"Women of my generation have clung to the feminist credo we were raised
  with, that we can 'have it all'. But my experience has forced me to
  confront some uncomfortable facts that need to be widely
  acknowledged—and quickly changed" [9]Comments
      9. http://thebrowser.com/articles/why-women-still-cant-have-it-all

[10]Unpopular Mandate
      10. http://b.rw/P9MMdL

Ezra Klein | New Yorker | 18 June 2012

How was it that a legal argument that was considered fringe in 2010
  could become mainstream by 2012? It happened with the individual
  mandate in US healthcare. Here's how and why it happened, and could
  happen again [11]Comments
      11. http://thebrowser.com/articles/unpopular-mandate

[12]Bath Salts: Deep In The Heart Of America's New Drug Nightmare
      12. http://b.rw/KGD13X

Natasha Vargas-Cooper | Spin | 14 June 2012

Will bath salts become the next devastating drug epidemic – like crack
  in the 1980s? "With LSD, you might see pink elephants, but with this
  drug, you see demons, aliens, extreme paranoia, heart attacks, and
  superhuman strength" [13]Comments
      13. http://thebrowser.com/articles/bath-salts-deep-heart-americas-new-drug-nightmare

[14]Final Battles Of Pope Benedict XVI
      14. http://b.rw/LqSwhx

Fiona Ehlers et al | Spiegel | 15 June 2012

Joseph Ratzinger turned 85 in April, the oldest Pope in more than a
  century. He's having trouble speaking, let alone moving. And all around
  him, by this account, the Vatican is in turmoil. The fight for the
  succession is under way [15]Comments
      15. http://thebrowser.com/articles/final-battles-pope-benedict-xvi

[16]We Gave Colors Names, And It Messed With Our Brains
      16. http://b.rw/MlHN5g

Aatish Bhatia | Empirical Zeal | 5 June 2012

Our perceptions of colour are dictated at least partly by the names
  that our languages assign to those colours. Japanese used to have one
  word for both green and blue. As a result, Japanese often call green
  traffic lights "blue" [17]Comments
      17. http://thebrowser.com/articles/we-gave-colors-names-and-it-messed-our-brains

[18]The Nonna State
      18. http://b.rw/N9iHLL

Alessandra Galloni | WSJ | 15 June 2012

"Family has long been the glue of Southern European society, and
  intergenerational help has deep historical and religious roots." It's a
  crucial invisible safety net for the young of Italy, Spain. But one
  which is now under threat [19]Comments
      19. http://thebrowser.com/articles/nonna-state

[20]If They Could Only Talk
      20. http://b.rw/PcEIbX

Hannah Bloch | National Geographic | 18 June 2012

We think we know the story. Polynesian settlers arrived in 800, built
  statues, cut down forests. Soil erosion ruined the land. Society
  collapsed into war, poverty, cannibalism. But what if it wasn't like
  that at all? [21]Comments
      21. http://thebrowser.com/articles/if-they-could-only-talk

FiveBooks Interview

[22]Matthew Engel on Britishness
      22. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/matthew-engel-on-britishness

Britain is a bewilderingly motley nation of phlegmatic grumblers, says
  the author and editor – a seaside resort-going, class-conscious people
  haunted by loss of empire, and we can’t even agree on what the country
  is called [23]Read on
      23. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/matthew-engel-on-britishness

Featured Topic

[24]Human Modification
      24. http://thebrowser.com/reports/human-modification

Scientists are experimenting with different ways to enhance humans.
  What's possible? And what may be possible in the future? Does messing
  with Mother Nature raise ethical questions? [25]Read on
      25. http://thebrowser.com/reports/human-modification

Reader Recommendations

@[26]historyinanhour On this day in 1938, Joe Louis knocks out
  Germany's Max Schmeling in their historic rematch:[27]t.co/OKeR2KRl
  [28]#browsings [29]More like this
      26. http://twitter.com/historyinanhour
      27. http://www.historyinanhour.com/2012/06/22/max-schmeling-summary
      28. https://twitter.com/search?q=#browsings
      29. http://thebrowser.com/browsings

Book of the Week

[30]Book of the Day
      30. http://thebrowser.com/recommended/area-darkness-by-vs-naipaul

[31]An Area of Darkness by VS Naipaul
      31. http://thebrowser.com/recommended/area-darkness-by-vs-naipaul

[32]Paul Theroux says: “This book really impressed me, and meeting him
  I then saw how he travelled – how he provoked people into saying
  things” [33]FiveBooks Archive
      32. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/paul-theroux-on-travelling
      33. http://thebrowser.com/fivebooks

Video of the Week

[34]On The Internet, Nobody Knows You're A Cat
      34. http://thebrowser.com/videos/internet-nobody-knows-youre-cat

This would make a good PSA, don't you think? [35]More videos
      35. http://thebrowser.com/videos

Quote of the Week

[36]Adam Mars-Jones on writers
      36. http://www.lrb.co.uk/v34/n12/adam-mars-jones/anti-dad

"All writers overrate the impact of writing, or else they would
    choose another line of work"

[37]More quotes
      37. http://thebrowser.com/quotations

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