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Welcome to The Browser! Every weekday you’ll get a newsletter recommending and summarising five outstanding articles, a podcast and a video; on Sundays you’ll get a special weekend edition called The Sunday Supplement featuring a performance, a poem, a puzzle, a cryptic crossword, and more; and on Saturdays you’ll get a “Best of the Week” roundup. Every single article, podcast and video is hand-chosen by our editors, Robert Cottrell and Caroline Crampton.

The Browser can be enjoyed as a curation service, helping you find articles and podcasts you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise, or as delightful reading in its own right: our capsules aim to distill the essence of each work into a single paragraph. While we certainly think every recommendation is a rewarding read or listen, we know it can be hard to find time to read even a small fraction of them: our aim is to create a daily letter that can surprise, delight and inform you about the world in its own right, even if you never click a single link.

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  • Our fully-searchable archive is available at https://thebrowser.com/archive — search through thousands of previous recommendations to track down an old favourite or find what we’ve written on every topic imaginable.
  • You can get all our podcast recommendations as a standalone feed directly in (most) podcast apps through ListenNotes, using the instructions here.
  • Our publisher, Uri Bram, is always delighted to hear from readers — just email uri@thebrowser.com. No issue is too small, and anything that makes the Browser experience better for you is a delight. Please write anytime if you have thoughts, ideas, comments, or suggestions.

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-Uri Bram, Caroline Crampton and Robert Cottrell

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