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Six Architects On Their Dream Desks

Drawing Matter | 17th December 2019

Architects are, unsurprisingly, very specific about their workspaces. To wit: "My ideal desk is something large, antique and heavy but not too heavy, an antique timber desk with side drawers, not as heavy as Victorian, but nicely Georgian/Biedermeier. Biedermeier preferably. Elegant and classical but with some gravitas. Something in green leather on top and cherry wood" (1,528 words)

The Insanity Of Being A Scrabble Enthusiast

Oliver Roeder | LitHub | 25th January 2022

Recovering Scrabble addict's account of his years in love with the game. Most people don't realise that there's a deep strategy to it because they learn as children. "There is something magical about realising how to play Scrabble even one step above beginner: using the bonus spaces, creating overlapping words, hitting your first bingo. You also learn how to play defence" (1,807 words)


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