Freeman Land

Freeman Dyson And Me

Jeremy Bernstein | MIT Press Reader | 20th October 2022

Memoir of a 50-year friendship spanning the golden age of Big Science in post-war America. Bernstein and Dyson were both protégés of Robert Oppenheimer at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton. Bernstein left in 1961 to join the New Yorker. Dyson stayed on, dividing his genius between quantum mechanics, pure maths, nuclear engineering, space exploration, and game theory (5,800 words)

'The Waste Land' Reviewed

Charles Powell | Guardian | 21st October 2022

The Waste Land is "so much waste paper", declared the The Guardian when it reviewed T.S. Eliot's masterpiece in 1922. The poem was a "mad medley". Lines in other languages, quotations from Shakespeare, even fragments of birdsong, were "thrown in at will or whim". Meaning, if any, was lost behind a "smokescreen of erudition". An ordinary reader should expect to "make nothing of it" (460 words)

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